Absolutely! You can now add a verification code to prevent accidental cancellation of FavePay transactions. You can only activate and deactivate the cancellation code on FaveBiz Boss Mode.

This means that you will be asked to key in the cancellation code before confirming the cancellation on FaveBiz Staff Mode. The codes are outlet specific, so you can set up a different code for different outlets.

Code requirements:

  • 6 characters only
  • Alphanumeric (numbers or letters)
  • Case sensitive
  • No characters (e.g: !, &. @, etc)

How to activate cancellation code?

1. Log in to Favebiz Boss Mode (new.favebiz.com). Click on 'Account'.

2. Click on 'Outlet' and choose a specific outlet.

3. Scroll down and look for the $ icon with a slash. Click 'Reset'.

4. Key in your chosen verification code and then click 'Confirm'.

If you have more than one outlet, repeat steps 3 - 4 for each outlet.